History of C&C-USA


1980 The Hemlock Society was founded by Derek Humphry, who launched the dying-with-dignity movement in the U.S. by writing about his decision to help his terminally ill wife Jean achieve her wish of a peaceful, dignified death.
1991 After the defeat of Initiative 119, which would have given patients the right to request medical aid in dying, Compassion in Dying was founded to move beyond the mission of The Hemlock Society and provide direct support for terminally ill clients.
1997 Compassion in Dying became a national organization.
2003 The Hemlock Society was reorganized as End-of-Life Choices.
2004 Final Exit Network was founded to provide end-of-life services to clients who were not terminally ill.
2005 End-of-Life Choices and Compassion in Dying merged as Compassion & Choices, with an expressed tri-partite goal of  client services , legislative advocacy, and education.

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